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Broker Participation

The broker of record regarding the sale of this property is The LARSEN COMPANY Real Estate and Auctions.

A buyer’s broker/agent (Buyer’s Broker) real estate referral fee in the amount of two percent (2%) of the above referenced property’s sale price (Referral Fee) is being offered to the properly registered Buyer’s Broker pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

1 - Your client must insert both your name and your company name on the Bid Form PRIOR to submitting the initial bid.

2 - In the event your client’s initial bid or a subsequent bid becomes the winning bid, you shall become eligible to earn a Referral Fee as described above.

3 - No Referral Fee shall be paid to a registered Buyer’s Broker acting as a principal in the purchase of a property.

4 - Buyer’s Broker must submit a copy of their valid broker license to the closing agent as a condition to earning a Referral Fee. Payment of the Referral Fee shall be made only in the name of the broker of record set forth on the broker’s license.

5 - At the property closing, your client must agree to indemnify the Seller, the Brokers and their agents against claims by any other broker/agent claiming a commission pursuant to your client’s purchase of property by reason of having dealt with your client.

6 - The Referral Fee shall be earned by the Buyer’s Broker only at the property closing and shall be paid directly to the Buyer’s Broker by the closing agent concurrent with the Brokers receipt of their Commission.

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There will be no exceptions to the above Broker Participation program and the Referral fee percentage is not negotiable.

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